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Skip to content Opening Begin with the formal salutation. Section 1 — Five Storms A Step toward with your left foot to form a right neutral bow stance facing Deliver a left outward downward block, Deliver a right inward block. Pivot clockwise to form a right forward bow stance facing Deliver a right outward downward diagonal strike and end at a cocked position at your right hip. Deliver a left thrust. Pivot counterclockwise to form a right neutral bow stance facing Deliver a right uppercut thrust.

Your left hand cocks horizontally above your right elbow. Slide your left foot toward to form a right forward bow stance facing Deliver a left outward downward diagonal strike.

The Terrible Truth About Ed Parker and Chinese Kenpo Karate

Slide your right foot toward to form a left rear twist stance facing Deliver a right inward overhead strike. Your left hand covers low.

Section 2 — Transition 1 Step toward with your left foot to form a transitional horse stance facing Forms are structured not only in lenght, but also in difficulty and complexity. The three short forms and the first four long forms were completely developed by Ed Parker, while from the six on developement was due to some of the most advanced students, with Parker still alive.

kenpo forms pdf

It's curious to observe that while kenpo karate means "the law of the fist and empty hand", the last two forms are respectively performed with sticks and knife. Before performing them and in the end you have to do a formal salutationa bit longer than the regular one. Some schools begin from a horse stance, but in mine we start from attention stance. Short forms Short one : Blocks while retreating.

Short two : Blocks and counters advancing. Short three : The first of the forms that consist in a chain of the programme techniques against hugs, grabs and holds. Long forms Long one : Blocks retreating with straight counters. It's an amplification of short one. Long two : Same as above, but being an amplification of short two. Long three : It works grabs and holds, but the attacks come from both sides this time.

Long four : The longest and more complex of the forms. Long six : Includes techniques of defense against weapons. Long seven : It works with two short sticks. Salutation is adapted to this circumstance.

Tiger in tension : With a clear chinese influence. It isn't taught in many schools nowadays. Vital points or finger set : With one opponent in front of us and one behind. Kicking set : concatenation of four different kicks drawing a square. You can find descriptions of the forms and sets in Michael Billing's and Brian's site and some quite good info on how to perform them and common mistakes in Collado's site.

Use of the contents of this website is allowed naming source and author. We would be glad, though, if you send us a notification to: kenpomachine yahoo.Ed Parker is credited with being the creator of modern Kenpo, putting on the biggest tournament in the world for years, the Internationals, teaching movie stars, including Elvis, and all manner of other deeds.

His prowess is quite well known, and his students are legion. Unfortunately, when he first began teaching, while he seemed to demonstrate a talent as a teacher, he was only a brown belt. In those days he was actually teaching the Heian forms from Shotokan karate, this as illustrated by one of his earliest books.

Running out of material to teach his students, he went back to Hawaii and was told to go take a hike, the founder of the system apparently had lost interest in him as a student.

kenpo forms pdf

Ed then ran into a fellow in San Francisco named Jimmy Woo, whose named might have been Jimmy Wu, who knew tremendous and authentic gung fu, but who spoke almost no English. Ed brought Jimmy to Los Angeles, where they lived together, and where Jimmy devised the Kenpo forms, the techniques, and so on.

Ed took these forms and techniques and began teaching them as his own. To complicate matters further, Ed asked Jimmy to write a book with him on what they were doing, and Jimmy spent his days writing kenpo, teaching Ed and some of his students, all while still being deficient in the English language. This was surprising, because even though Ed was half the team, Jimmy was doing all the work. Why not my name on book, is what he was supposed to have said.

Ed said he would explain, but he had an errand to run, could they take a drive, and Ed would explain on the way. On Hollywood Blvd, there is an Armenian pastry shop there now, Ed let Jimmy out of the car, and drove off. Jimmy had one single quarter in his pocket, the clothes on his back, and nothing else. He had been teaching, writing, and then, he had been betrayed. Now, is this story true, or is it a pack of lies? If anybody has definite information on this story, I sure would like to know.

This page has been about Chinese Kenpo Karate. Thank you for your article. I have heard some stories as well but have not heard this one before about Ed Parker. It is always sad when a student takes the less desirable path.Here you will find the American Kenpo curriculum exactly as Ed Parker left it. To ensure there was no doubt about the requirements for rank in American Kenpo, Ed Parker preserved them in Infinite Insights into Kenpo Volume 5, pages Ed Parker laid out his system in a fashion that was meant to not only cover a variety of attacks but in a way that was meant to grow the student and continually build upon what he learned before.

Just like a baby crawls before walking American Kenpo teaches you what you need to take your first steps and then get you running at full speed. Yellow Belt aside, the techniques are laid out in three sets of 8 per belt level.

All Kenpo Forms (Empty Hand)

The first set reviews what you have already learned and introduces you to the foundation of the new level. The second set of 8, introduces the core concepts and principles for the level. The third set is designed to reinforce what you just learned as well as prepare you for the next rank.

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Finally, you will notice that the system ends at 3rd Black. Ranks above 3rd degree are based on time in rank and contribution to the art. Original Yellow Belt Techniques which are still taught in some circles. Older Forms and Sets, some of which predate the entire system. Extra Forms and Sets that never made it into the final written system but still taught in some circles. Curriculum Evolutionary Timeline. How it is laid out Ed Parker laid out his system in a fashion that was meant to not only cover a variety of attacks but in a way that was meant to grow the student and continually build upon what he learned before.

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Return to top of page.There are sets and forms which are made with parts of current self-defense techniques against pushes, grabs, holds, knife attacks, gun attacks, 2 attackers and other forms of attack.

The economy of motion is another concept Ed introduced which implies to use all your weapons synchronized with your body movement, so it becomes natural to execute 3 or 4 moves with 1 step through, rear crossover, or any other technique. We have also heard from many instructors that it would be a good idea to develop updated techniques, Ed. This is a guide based on how I learned my Kenpo Karate Techniques and Requirements, there are several Kenpo systems where their requirements might be different, with different self-defense names, in a different order and other forms you might not have heard at all.

This list and pages are based on how the system was left and taught by GM Ed. Parker the founder of American Kenpo Karate. I am thankful to have trained with many big important Grand Masters and high rank Kenpo Black Belts from many parts of the World. Yes, I am a Kenpo Karate black belt and I have been training and constantly learning this art since I always wanted to have all the Kenpo requirements organized like this, so I decided to create a website, I built Kenpista and then this one. This page should provide all the necessary information to succeed in your Kenpo training.

A system with geometry, mathematics, concepts, principles and ideas with scientific elements.

The Black Belt Forms

Kenpo karate, like any martial art, is based on a set of movements and positions that would be like the letters of the alphabet. These are the letters as we would say and with these we can create words, sentences and stories. We must start by learning the fundamentals, the basics. These first three ranks are considered beginners, here is where the foundation of real Kenpo begins.

The White belt rank has only basic techniques and no self defense techniques. The Yellow belt rank has 10 self-defense techniques and the Orange Belt rank has 24 self defense techniques with some of the most famous which we will also find in the higher ranks with the extensions.

On these three ranks you will find intermediate forms and most of the core self defense techniques in Kenpo Karate, the most famous techniques are on these ranks. In these ranks students are a bit beyond the mechanical stage, because they can now move faster but still require accuracy, control and timing. Another portion of our favorite self defense techniques are on these ranks. Here is where the party begins, advanced techniques start with extensions, in some Kenpo systems these extensions are taught in the black belt rank only.

Each form has a unique way to present the form using fingers on the palm and on both sides to indicate the form will be presented on both sides. These forms are in a chronological order where the student starts with a simple move to evolve into fully advanced moves.

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It has been said the original Kenpo system would end with form 6 which has a unique way to end the form; indicating the end of the requirements for the system. These are the only two forms in Kenpo Karate where we see weapons, there are sets with weapons available.

These forms might not be available in all Kenpo lineages but are well known in most Kenpo Organizations. The Kenpo Karate set are small forms for specific purposes, which are only based on certain groups of techniques.They are taught with the "Three phase concept" which views the techniques in 3 stages phases : Ideal, What-if, and Formulation. In a "real world" situation, the Kenpo practitioner isn't expected to complete a whole specific technique.

One never knows exactly how an opponent may react to any block, check or strike.

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For any given technique one can apply the equation formula to fit the reactions of their opponent, or perhaps the practitioner has a comfort level with certain movement and prefers to use the basics with which they are the most capable. Some people believe that the techniques are the heart of kenpo.

They are. Unfortunatly, too many people lose sight of why. Always remember, the techniques are vehicles for learning the principles of kenpo. That is their lesson. These are the requirements for advancement at the school in which I study. I did not write out this information myself. I only added the the html formatting.

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Remember, they are only a guide to helping you remember the information. Nothing replaces a human instructor. I hope you find this information useful. To download, right click on the link and "save as Yellow Belt. Orange Belt. Purple Belt. Blue Belt. Green Belt. Advanced Green Belt. Third Degree Brown Belt. Second Degree Brown Belt. First Degree Brown Belt.

kenpo forms pdf

First Degree Black Belt. Or view a complete list of techniques.This shows a breakdown of what the Basics of Kenpo contain and when and where they are taught. This will be a Color-coded Manual that will enable you to find the Basic Technique, Form, Set, and Freestyle that the author is describing for the particular fundamental so that the reader may utilize the Lacerte's Kenpo Karate Academy's Instructor's Master Text Manuals in doing more research of your own to enhance your understanding of the Basics.

Author by : Thomas A. Author by : Jamie A. Author Lee Wedlake, 9th degree black belt, world-class instructor and competitor, brings his acclaimed training and teaching experience to bear in this unique resource for all who practice and teach American Kenpo and its offshoot systems. The American Kenpo system is taught worldwide and this reference will become a standard for thousands of Kenpo practitioners in various lineages. It will also serve as a stimulus for all martial artists by providing a sense of the logical framework of American Kenpo.

Having collected the general rules of motion and the numerous fine points of Kenpo, the book is a standout in the genre. Parker reveals the amazing techniques of Karate as developed and practiced by the Chinese - the true pioneers of the martial art of self-defense. Parker elaborated on the theories of various styles that occurred prior to the time of Shao-lin and how they were based on imitating the movements of animals such as, the deer, tiger, bear, monkey and bird.

It was surmised that the various animals chosen, depicted different characteristics. For instance, the leopard's movements were used to develop speed as well as strength. Tiger movements were formed to develop the bones, dragon movements to develop alertness and snake movements to develop temperament and endurance.

Through the years of experimentation, the Chinese discovered two types of strength-inner and outer strength. Inner strength-denoting hidden power. One such form of inner power was Dim Mak, the study and art of " Touching nerve points" which involved a detailed analysis of nerve points as well as developing the skills of the herbalist-a form that was only taught to the most patient peaceful exponents.

Natural weapons used anciently by the Chinese were listed in charts and highlighted in terms of possible historical applications. The formation of natural weapons, as used by the Chinese shows the versatility with which body parts can function effectively in combat along with diverse methods of execution. Instruction is offered on the ranges within which an exponent could utilize such weapons with minimum force to maximum effect.

In conclusion Mr. Parker included various tests, formalities, rituals, and ancient Chinese customs of related interest. Recent Search Terms iron ambition pdf Best declutter books pdf lifeontheoceanwavebyjameseberle Mick LaSalle Dangerous Men ebook torrent cure yourself pdf will our children have faith westerhoff pdf life and times of michael a by daniel pdf why we love pdf bubbs paleo download king arthur free pdf book download.

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